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What is Composite Filling ?

They are aesthetic filling materials with color options that attach to the hard tissue of the tooth with the help of bonding agent.

They are used not only for restoring cavities, but also for their cosmetic effects, which can change the color and shape of the teeth.

Composite fillings are placed on the tooth layer by layer and each layer is cured with light.It is shaped and corrected according to the tooth and the same polishing sessions are performed.

Composite fillings are aesthetic fillings in tooth color, which can be applied directly to the tooth, leading to minimal substance loss from the tooth.

In addition to their superior aesthetic properties, composite fillings chemically adhere to the tooth, unlike black colored amalgam fillings, so they do not need to remove extra matter from healthy tooth tissue to provide retention.

Composite fillings can be easily applied in one session.

Inlay Onlay and Overlay Fillings

We can apply porcelain inlay-onlay because of its aesthetics and durability instead of composite or amalgam filling in teeth that require large fillings. Since it requires less substance loss in the tooth than porcelain crowns during construction, inlay-onlay fillings are preferred. Only the cavities are cleaned and the tooth is sized.

Porcelain inlay fillings prepared in the laboratory are then adhered to the teeth with special adhesive systems.


Patient Reviews and Testimonials

Gül Yücer Bolu / Merkez

When it comes to teeth in Bodrum, Swissdent is the right address. You are greeted warmly and cordially by the staff, dentists and owners. It is also very convenient and in a beautiful location. I would especially like to thank Ms. Nuran for her special efforts. Good luck...

Gündüz Kutbettin Bodrum / Merkez

Swiss Dent Bodrum, which located in a marina in the center of Bodrum, is a very clean, well-kept place, and the staff is friendly and well-groomed. I would like especially thank to Ms. Nuran for her smile and help. . I wish continued success to Bodrum Swiss Dent.

Duygu dilge Genc Bodrum / Merkez

An experienced and successful staff, I would like to thank the staff for their interest and relevance in the warm and sincere treatment process like a family. I will recommend it to everyone from now on. May your success continue.

Yusuf Demirci Bodrum / Merkez

Swiss Dent Bodrum is a quality and very clean place. The prices are very reasonable, I would recommend it to everyone, especially Nuran, thank you for her smiling face.

Fikri ODABAŞI Bodrum / Merkez

It is recommended. References are reliable.

İzmir Ege Bodrum / Merkez

If you are looking for a safe place, I definitely recommend it. I would like to thank Ms. Sinem.

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