•  Which Dentist?

    Which Dentist?

    If an individual with a dental problem is going to apply to a Dentist for the first time, Whe will definitely try to find a good dentist by consulting her peers first.
    So who is a good dentist?
    Every dental patient is psychologically tense before starting treatment.
    This tension is in the form of stress, fear, and often phobia.
    Therefore, it is necessary to help the patient who applies to the clinic to overcome these fears first.
    For this, together with the physician team, dentist tries to provide peace of mind with a friendly approach, the spaciousness, cleanliness and hygiene of the environment.
    He/she is obliged to explain the treatment procedures to be done in an understandable language to the patient.
    Because while entrusting her health, a person has to know what to do and what to face, down to the details.
    Individuals who have acquired this profession will certainly strive to apply their knowledge and skills to their patients and to perform the treatment in the best way possible.

    Dentistry is in a magnificent development in terms of knowledge, equipment and materials.
    In this direction, patient reception areas have evolved from a single practice to a polyclinic.

    In fact, the purpose of this is to provide the opportunity to work multidisciplinary.
    Although there are clinics that work in this way, unfortunately, there are cases where the commercial aspect of the business outweighs.
    The profession of dentistry is at the top of the group of professions that are difficult to get education.
    In addition, unfortunately, it is a very costly and expensive (investment, equipment, material) profession.
    Unfortunately, it is expensive for the patients.
    However, for a dentist, the financial part of the job should not be in the first place.
    The physician who reflects the above criteria to her patient and performs her service in this direction is a good dentist